What Graduates are Saying about Well Nourished Coach Training Program

I benefited both personally and professionally. Professionally, I have “become” what I have dreamed of becoming as a dietitian. I have benefited personally from incorporating a mindfulness practice in my life.

This program has transformed my practice as a dietitian to confidently and powerfully claim the knowledge and expertise that I have developed to create transformational change in my clients.

– Kristyn Hall MSc, RD, CBE, MB-EAT-P Energize Nutrition

I feel empowered to start consulting in a totally different way, with a much more comprehensive approach.

– Victoria Pena-Acuna, RD, Mb-EAT Practitioner, WNLifeCoach, TEP licensed consultant

I’m very grateful for this incredible program that has taught me new skills and tools to nourish every aspect of my life. I’ve learned so much about myself, how to inquire about my needs and create a step by step plan to achieve fulfillment. I highly recommend this program to all practitioners who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills with practical and evidence-based information and tools.

– Mareike Buthmann RHN, ROHP, RNCP, MB-EAT-P

I am not the same dietitian I was a year ago…

– Cindra Holland, RDN, LDN

I appreciated the coaching sessions—they created a living laboratory for the lessons we were learning in modules and live sessions. The practice and feedback was critical for growth throughout the program.

– Emily

I have enjoyed the live sessions very much. Teachers, quality of contents, structure of the program, were a source of excellent materials and information. Zoom platform gave the possibility of interacting with teacher and colleagues in a friendly environment.

The experience with the Well-Nourished Coach Training Program was excellent. I have registered in the Program with the intention to learn about coaching techniques on mindful eating. The Well-Nourished Program resulted to be a transformation journey beyond expectations. The Program is a wonderful way to connect with inner needs, wishes and heal the relationship with food and the entire life.

– Nora Oliveri, MD

I just thought it was an absolutely wonderful program, it resonated with me so much.

– Karen Moody, England


Invest in yourself and sign up for this comprehensive program. Prepare yourself for a professional and personal transformation as you learn and apply the Well Nourished Life to your work and personal experience. It’s a “living laboratory” type of experience that makes the skills and concepts come to life in a very nourishing way.

– Emily Nieschburg, RD

This is one of a program! I would recommended to all the RDs looking for a more comprehensive approach for their consultation to expand their skills, techniques and have the best experiences with their clients. It is a journey we are all in! We are not trained to work with a holistic approach and yet it is essential. We often disregard the emotions, feelings, thoughts of a person, and tend to concentrate on the outer inputs like treatments, diet and lifestyle. With this coaching program you empower the person to go within, and to find solutions on their own and that is where the big difference lies. Here it is about guiding a person through suggestions, but it is the person itself that finds the solution. It builds trust and faith within themselves. This type of program enables a person to take ownership of their lives in such a loving, kind, nourishing and compassionate way. I am so grateful and cannot wait to see what it is going to do for my clients! At the end of the day, we are wanting to help people and this is definitely the way!

– Victoria Pena-Acuna, RD, Mb-EAT Practitioner, WNLifeCoach, TEP licensed consultant

As a self-proclaimed problem solver, I learned that coaching really can help those who don’t think they need it. It’s also given me a toolset that has made me close to ready to start practicing again. Forever grateful.

– Kerrys Hensch, RDN

This has been such an amazing program. For me its been transformational and life changing. My confidence has grown as a coach and I’ve made life-long friends. Thank you so much.

– Lynn


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